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Case Study

B.Skewers is a Dublin restaurant that brings a South American approach to BBQ in a casual but upscale environment.

B Skewers opened its doors on Bolton Street (directly across the road from TU Dublin) as a “BBQ Shop”.

Owners Bruno & Thais brought a new style of BBQ to Dublin – their vision was to serve different cuts of meat, cooked using their own recipes and serve on skewers. These skewers, along with their signature grilled cheeseburger had the college students and BBQ fans flocking through the door.

After three years of developing their reputation and growing their brand in a small 18-seater BBQ Shop, Bruno & Thais were offered the opportunity to move to a 60-seater restaurant on Crow Street in Temple Bar. This is where The Lemonade Stand entered the B Skewers journey.

Bruno & Thais wanted branding that was more fitting for an upmarket restaurant in a busy tourist area whilst keeping the skewer as part of the final logo. The new restaurant also included a beautiful cocktail bar and this needed to be included.

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