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If you own a small or medium-sized business, digital marketing may just be the answer to the questions you didn’t even know you had. According to this Forbes article, the days when businesses could solely rely on traditional marketing methods to get their voice heard are well and truly over. 

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing 

Having in place a solid digital marketing plan can allow your business to easily expand its customer base and reach into new markets. Digital marketing and SEO in particular, which stands for search engine optimization,  is a cost effective way to help build your brand name and online identity. To do so, SEO helps you identify the keywords consumers search for while looking for your products or services. In contrast to traditional marketing campaigns, digital marketing and SEO campaigns do not require large investments of capital and can often reach just as large an audience.

How can I reach new customers with Digital Marketing?

Whether you use social media, email marketing or write a blog to reach your target audience, digital marketing is the perfect way for your business to regularly engage and communicate with your customers. By creating and publishing relevant, location based content, digital marketing can help new customers find you online. By a keyword heavy blog, you can also provide local customers with information based on their needs as well as their location. For instance, if you own a garage in Dublin, you can post blogs to your site such as ‘How to prepare your car for the NCT’. This will ensure that Google knows you can help customers tackle a problem which is specific to their needs.

Checking Social Media

Understanding the power of Google

When many business owners think of harnessing the power of Google, they immediately foresee costly AdWords campaigns as their only route to success. However, by utilizing cost-effective features such as Google Analytics and Google reviews, digital marketing can help grow the presence and effectiveness of your business online. By presenting Google with more information about your business, you can easily climb the search rankings and improve your visibility and exposure to potential customers. 

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