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Does Your Business need SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, can build the authority and profile of your business, no matter your industry or the size of your company.

These days we use Google for just about everything. From finding the best cup of coffee near us to sourcing a second hand car, we rely heavily on the information which search engines can provide us. As a result of this, the information our businesses provide to Google must be optimized in a way which effectively communicates to exactly what our business is, what we do, and how we can serve the needs of our customers better than anyone else. This is where SEO comes in.

As a whole, SEO exists to provide customers with a more rewarding experience. This in turn leads to increased conversion rates, increased traffic to your site, and an improved experience from the customers point of view. If your website is filled with unnecessary content, which is not directly related to your line of work, then from a users point of view, the website does not provide full value. In a nutshell, what SEO does is makes your site more visible to customers. It does this in a variety of ways, including improving page speed, building internal linking structures, and frequently posting relevant content to the site.

SEO is also very beneficial to businesses who are operating on a more local level. Say for instance, you operate as an electrician, seeking work in your area. If you website does not accurately reflect this, you automatically lower your chances of finding new business. By optimizing your site in a way which communicates clearly with Google, you raise your profile online, furthering brand credibility and opening up endless avenues for growth.

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Here at The Lemonade Stand, one of the core areas we focus on is SEO and getting your business not only talking to Google, but singing! We understand more than anyone the time pressures which many small and medium sized business owners are faced with, often meaning they do not have adequate free time to dedicate to working on their brand’s SEO. That’s why here at The Lemonade Stand, we focus much of our time on helping businesses grow through SEO, reaching new customers and improving their brand credibility in the process.

So if you feel like your business is not living up to it’s full online potential, why not reach out to us today and we can get you ranking on Google in no time!