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Search Engine Optimisation

The online world is constantly changing. Long gone are the days where simply having a website was enough. Every single business now has an online presence, from florists to tyre garages, and everything and anything in between.However, this growth in the online world means that competition for Google Search Ranking has never been higher, and getting your website in frontof customers has never been more important.

This is where Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, comes into play.
How many times have you typed ‘best coffee in Dublin’ into Google and been flooded with responses? To put it bluntly, the pages that pop up first are not necessarily the best coffee shops, they just have the best SEO. By engaging with your site’s SEO, you can gradually improve the flow of traffic to your site, ensuring that you are never more than a click away from new customers.

What’s more, the work we do for our SEO programme will remain intact long
after we have finished working on it. Here at The Lemonade Stand, we specialize in ensuring your website is optimized in the eyes of Google. In order to achieve this, we have devised a comprehensive six-month programme, which will
take the online aspects of your business to the next level.

See what The Lemonade Stand can do for you.