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Case Study

Smokin' Soul is a bespoke BBQ maker and Pitmaster grilling school based in New Ross, Co. Wexford.

Thanks in part to YouTube and Netflix, BBQ has exploded in popularity over the past decade.

During this time, as potential pitmasters all over suburbia were looking to get into BBQ the only options were large DIY stores selling mass-produced, mediocre units as an afterthought – usually wheeled out a few days before summer bank holiday weekends.

In Wexford, around the same time that YouTube & Netflix were bringing authentic style BBQ content to the masses, childhood friends Pat Conway & Jim O’Brien’s passion not only for smoking & grilling unique dishes but also manufacturing their own grills & smokers was becoming a business.

"Having spent extensive time travelling across Europe & the USA we knew there was a market out there for BBQ and smoking that went way beyond bank holiday grilling."

Pat ConwaySmokin' Soul

Smokin’ Soul was born and the first range of Smokers & Grills were aimed at all the gaps in the market. Sales quickly followed from the BBQ hardcore. This was the point in the story where The Lemonade Stand became involved in the Smokin’ Soul story.

As the grills and smokers Smokin’ Soul were producing were so unique customer requests for guidance & lessons were becoming a daily thing. From this, we worked to create Ireland’s very first range of BBQ Courses, all held in Smokin’ Soul HQ, where all levels of BBQ expertise is catered for. The Weekender has gone on to become the signature BBQ educational course in Ireland and has been attended by thousands of budding pitmasters.

"We brought Stuart from The Lemonade Stand on board as we wanted to get help marketing our business to new customers."

Jim O'BrienSmokin' Soul

With the niche gaps filled and a large online presence developed it was time to take on the bank holiday grillers and tackle the large DIY chain stores. To do this we undertook FIVE large projects:

Smokin’ Soul has grown from being “two men in a shed” to now being the premier authority on BBQ design & manufacturing, education and cooking in Ireland. Recent headline guest appearances at huge events such as The Big Grill, All Together Now and Electric Picnic have solidified this. 

As we look to the future – in 2023 Smokin’ Soul will open a UK depot in Devon, England as well as a UK website.

We found Stuart's approach to digital marketing to be very refreshing. As well as understanding the benefits of each platform and where we should be, the real secret sauce for The Lemonade Stand is the inate understanding Stuart has for marketing businesses like our - he understands food and the work that goes into it. All these combined together make The Lemonade Stand the perfect partner for us here at Smokin’ Soul. We are delighted with the results we have achieved together and we are looking forward to working with The Lemonade Stand well into the future.

Pat ConwaySmokin' Soul

Stuart is a good lad.

Jim O'BrienSmokin' Soul

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